Support from  Organizations:

“The Administrative Collaborative of East Side stands in solidarity with the East Side Union High School District in supporting the introduction and implementation of these vital initiatives: social emotional learning practices, implicit bias training for all staff members, and the use of restorative practices on our campuses. Pattie Cortese has served as a strong advocate for these policies and has played a pivotal role in the creation of the Student Governing Board, which has given a much needed student voice to district policies.”

California School Employees Association, Chapter 187

Democratic Activists for Women Now

East Side Teachers’ Association

“The East Side Teachers Association is happy to endorse Pattie Cortese for ESUHSD board. Effective communication and a willingness to always learn are essential for any leader. Pattie Cortese exemplifies both traits. Not only does she listen and respond to the feedback of educators, she has shown a willingness to delve into the drudgery of the district budget to ensure our students have as many resources as possible to further their education. She has earned the respect and trust of ESTA, and we urge you to give her the same by voting for her in November.”

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 332

La Raza Roundtable

San Jose Federation of Teachers

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

South Bay Labor Council

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club

Silicon Valley Democratic Club

Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats

Support from Community Leaders:

Bruce Nguyen, Student Governing Board Chair 2020-2021

“Pattie Cortese’s efforts to change lives for youth cannot be questioned. As a student of ESUHSD, I have witnessed how our actions for systemic change connects well with her plan for increasing student involvement in Board decisions and she has worked hard to incorporate participation among each high school. She is an advocate for our success and I can picture a better environment for all stakeholders with her continued involvement as an elected Board member.”  Bruce Nguyen

Francine Estranero, Student Governing Board Vice Chair 2020-2021

Nina Nguyen, Student Governing Board Chair 2019-2020

“As the former ESUHSD Student Governing Board President, I am happy to endorse Pattie for the School Board position. Working with Pattie for the past two years, I’ve noticed that she puts student voices at the forefront and works hard to ensure equity in our school district. Pattie helped develop the Student Governing Board and has constantly encouraged me to speak up during important board meetings. I am confident that if she is elected again, she will continue to build on East Side’s mission and promise to its students. She is an advocate for students from all walks of life, abilities, and experiences. There is no doubt our school district has its shortcomings, but I firmly believe Pattie will help bridge these gaps in the upcoming years.” Nina Nguyen

Christine Pangan, Student Governing Board Chair 2018-2019

“Working with Pattie throughout my service on the Student Governing Board gave me the opportunity to learn from her and to see the wonderful way she approaches issues from different perspectives. I support Pattie because she is truly a dedicated, passionate public servant.  I believe she is what we need for our community to grow even better.”  Christine Pangan

Antonio Kobe Lopez, Student Governing Board Vice Chair 2018-2019

Brisa Rojas, Student Voice Task Force Founding Member and Chair 2016-2018

Sofí Jáquez, Student Voice Task Force Founding Member 2016-2018/Student Assemblymember 2018-2019/Student Governing Board Vice Chair 2019-2020

“Pattie Cortese has been a support system and role model for the past four years that I have been able to work with her. She helped me and other students in East Side Union High School District to have a voice and say when it comes to school-wide policy and decisions that directly effect us. The work Mrs. Cortese does is incredibly important and appreciated by all. I strongly endorse her for re-election.” Sofí Jáquez

William Gu, Student Voice Task Force Founding Member 2016-2018/Student Assemblymember 2018-2019

“Pattie Cortese’s dedication and passion serving ESUHSD’s student and faculty is unparalleled. She is instrumental in the development of the Student Governing Board and continually works to ensure that every student has an opportunity to thrive and succeed. Pattie’s guidance contributed to my success at Evergreen Valley High School and continues to influence me at Princeton University.” William Gu

Rushda Umrani, Student Assemblymember 2019-2020

Lân Nguyen, East Side Union High School District President 

Vân Le, East Side Union High School District Vice President 

J. Manuel Herrera, East Side Union High School District Board Member

Lorena Chavez, East Side Union High School District Board Member

Frank Biehl, Former East Side Union High School District Board Member 

Jeff Ota, Former East Side Union High School District Board Member 

Blanca Alvarado, Former Santa Clara County Supervisor 

Sylvia Arenas, San Jose City Council Member

Jim Beall, California State Senator 

Thelma Boac, Berryessa Union School District Board Member

Roxanne Bohren

Teresa Castellanos, San Jose Unified School Board President

Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor

John Marshall Collins

Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Supervisor

Paul Fong, AFT 6157 President and Former State Asssemblymember

Ebe Frasse, former ARUSD teacher

Hector Guerra, Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility Manager

“Pattie Cortese has and is on the front lines for better education for our children. She is the leader we need as we march forward to fight for adequate funding in our East Side High School classrooms.”

Marisa Hanson, Evergreen Elementary School District Board Member and ESUHSD Teacher

Mike Honda, former US Representative

Ash Kalra, California State Assembly Member

Samir Laymoun

Otto Lee, Former Mayor of Sunnyvale

Nick Leon, Former CTA President 

Corina Loera-Herrera, Alum Rock Union School District Board Member

Mario Lopez, New Leaders Council

Bonnie Mace, Evergreen School District Board Member

Socorro McCord, parent activist

Julia Miller, El Camino Healthcare District Board Member

Rev. Jethroe Moore, NAACP President

Ray Mueller, ESUHSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Member and parent

General Bihn Khac Nguyen

Bob Nunez, former ESUHSD Superintendent, Milpitas City Council Member

Aby Palomares, SCC Commission on the Status of Women Commissioner

“I met Pattie when I was just 13 years old and for the past 11 years she has been my mentor and champion. Pattie embodies integrity and her commitment to our San Jose youth and families is admirable.” Aby Palomares, Bright Futures Program Director, ConXion to Community

Richard Rathmann

Peter Rehon, Rehon and Roberts

Don Rocha, former San Jose City Council Member

Claudia Rossi, Santa Clara County Board of Education President

George Sanchez, Franklin McKinley School Board Member

Dr. Wendy Stegeman, East Side Union High School District teacher

Omar Torres, former Franklin McKinley School Board Member

Brian Wheatley, San Jose Unified School District Board Member

Ken Yeager, former Santa Clara County Supervisor

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